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  • Fortnite Edible Cake Topper - A Trendy, Decorative, and Special Cake Decor

    With Ediblecaketopper.com, you can get to have a cake of your desire pretty easily. The printed images can exactly give you the impression you want to display. In today’s time, traditional cake decors are so obsolete that choosing a basic cake topper will certainly fail to exude the charisma that an edible printed cake image can.

    When it comes to edible printed cake images, options are certainly galore. All you need to do is to pick right as per the suitability of the occasion. Whether it is a birthday bash, a wedding party, a bachelorette or for that matter an anniversary; edible printed cake image can be molded into all kinds of design to mark the special day.

    Having high-quality edible cake images can indeed look and taste good. At Ediblecaketopper.com, we offer a huge variety of choices in Edible printed cake images. Exploration of our collection can give you a perfect glimpse of our range.

  • Icing Sheets or Frosting Sheets?

    What is the difference between edible printed wafer and Custom Icing edible images?

    This is a question with quite a detailed and lengthy answer, as there are so many different ways to use both wafer paper and Custom Icing sheets. 

    Overall, Custom Icing sheets will be the preferred choice for making edible images because the image quality/clarity onto icing sheets is always sharper than onto wafer, however sometimes wafer paper can be a better option for you. 

    Usually it is simply a matter of personal preference, however see the information below to assist you in making the choice.

  • Where can I get cake prints, custom edible images for cakes, edible pictures, Edible photo for cakes and cupcakes

    Where can I get an edible prints for cakes?

    Would you like to make your birthday, marriage anniversary, graduation cakes etc. extraordinary with your photo on cakes, cookies. Icinginks is the best place for you to shop around for best quality edible images and cake prints. Yes, we do print edible images for the customers offering them low prices for custom edible printing of the photos to adorn your cakes. We print edible images at high quality resulting vivid colors. We use a prime quality icing sheets and best quality palatable shading edible cartridges to print your pictures.