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Frequently Asked

Hi I wanted my edible image printed in a 7inch by 7inch square. Is that possible? If yes please let me know how Id be able to do that! Thank you

Yes it is , just add instructions in comment field

Can you print the image on a sheet multiple times to be used on cookies? We have an image that we need about 3 dozen of in around 2.5" x 2.5"
I want the 2-1/2 x 3 rectangle image. The picture I uploaded shows a black header and footer. I don't know how to remove it. All I want is the square logo in the center. It is white with the shield saying Highland YSC and the ball. Can you remove the header and footer?????

Your image is probably PNG with transparent background. Most browsers display transparent as a black therefore your logo will be printed normally without background

I'm looking to order a print for a marriage proposal cake and will need the sheet sent to a baker by a specific date before Memorial Day. Can I specify a delivery date? Otherwise the print will get there very early and will just sit for awhile and I'd like to minimize risk of damage or wear to the item.

You can just order two weeks before wedding ...

Is their a vegan option available for printing a edible cake topping picture?

both icing sheet and ink are vegan..

Do you make an edible decoration from a digital print such as a college logo?

yes we do ..

Would you be able to print an image of a show?

We can print any image uploaded per our terms and conditions

Hi I need three 4x6 photos made into edible images for a cake. Can you print them in a 4x6 size?
If I want to have a picture made into an edible image for a chocolate frosted cake can you do that?

we print images , you make a cake...

I am making cupcakes and have an image with 20 book covers on it. Can these be cut and placed on

Yes they can , easily.

What is the shelf life of the edible sheets?

24 months for blank sheets and 9 months for printed

Hi Ive gotten a couple custom edible prints done and Im just wondering if I could order a print in a square shape but smaller than the 8.5x11 inch. I didnt see any choices of sizes between that one and the smaller 2.5x3 which is too small for my project. Can my image be printed to a custom size? Thank you

We can print any size you want, just type in comments field exact size you want. You can trim it with exacto knife, scissors , etc...

Hi if I place an order today is there any possibility of getting this shipped for me to receive it tomorrow?

Yes it is if you choose next day shipping at the checkout

How many come on a sheet of the small round ones?

if you talk about 1.25" than it's 48 circles per sheet

I decided to do this last minute. an chance you could get it to me by Thursday? 1/10

You can get it tomorrow if you choose next day shipping..

We have a birthday party for an 80 year old on March 16. When would you recommend that we purchase the overlay for the cake. How long does it stay good to eat or fresh.

you should order at least two weeks before event

you should order at least two weeks before event

Inks are Kosher , they also contain red dye. Let us know which red your child is allergic?

Hi there - do you ship to Ontario Canada?

yes we do, daily

How long will it take to get to Fort Worth Texas if I order tonight?

1 day if you choose overnight shipping

How quickly could you deliver an edible cake topper. I need it in CA on Tuesday..

Choose next day option at checkout and you'll get it on Tuesday

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