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Frequently Asked

Is the icing a pure white or will it match my buttercream?

Icing sheet is not bright white. You need to prepare buttercream to match icing sheet, not opposite..

what icing sheets do you use?

Best in the world , Supreme Icing Sheets

also what file format do I upload?

Any file but Microsoft Office documents

Hello I am printing for my brother's cake. I need images 2 inches tall and one about 5-7 inches tall. I'm wondering if it's best to get each image separately or if it's possible to arrange on an 8.5x11 inch sheet and cut them out myself?

It would be much cheaper if you arrange images to fit on one sheet. printable size is 8x10 max. Sheets are easy to cut.

How long does it take to receive an order once you place it? And how many 2" circles per sheet? Thank you

it's 12 circles per sheet ... you can get it next day if wanted..

Grandson is allergic to wheat oats flax and fish. Does the ink of printed sheet contain any of these?

Our edible inks and icing sheets does not contain any known allergens

I have a picture of my mother n law it is about the size of 5x7 approx. I want to have it made to put on a cookie. Is this picture to big to make into a sheet or two.

we can shrink this image to 2x3 if you place order for pre-cut cookie sheet ...just mention it in special comments field

Hello. My work is planning a resident event that will be Harry Potter themed. We have this idea to make a cake tower of all the books with the book covers printed with edible icing sheets. Are you able to do this for us if we send you the images? Obviously J.K. Rowling gets all the credit but we just want to make a showstopper cake for all of us muggles to enjoy!

We will print all images you upload ... but you have to make a cake ...

I am making an I love Lucy cake. if I provide the picture and logo will you be able to print them?

Yes we can

Do the images melt into the cake after a certain amount of time? (ex. if the cake is made in the morning will the image last into the evening>)

Yes they do. Please refer to instruction tab to download tips for applying it.

How long does this item keep? How long before I need should I order?

Unopened print is good for 9 months

My husband works for Fed Ex and he wants to have their badge printed for a cake we are making. Could you do that and could we get before the 15th?

My husband works for Fed Ex and he wants to have their badge printed for a cake we are making. Could you do that and could we get before the 15th?

How long does it take to get the item after you receive my uploaded picture?

If you choose overnight shipping at the checkout you'll get it next day

How long do the edible photo sheets last o ce printed? How quickly do I have to place on a cake once I receive it? I am trying to determine when to order it so I have it in time for my event but dont want it to go bad

Printed sheets are good for 9 months

Do you have a file size limit? I am trying to upload a file and getting a message about connection.

There is 10MB upload limit.

I want to reference a funny image on brownies. I don't really know exactly how big I want the image to be. Would that work for this?

No , it wont ...

How many labels to I get for that price?

It depend on size ... price is per sheet

If I give you the image by Wednesday May I get the delivery of the image by Saturday?

Yes if you choose 2 Day shipping option ... you would actually get it on Friday

How long does it take to ship? Is there rush shipping?

you can get it tomorrow if you wish ..

Should images to be printed be sent in RGB or CMYK?

RGB is recommended

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