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Frequently Asked

what size will the picture actuallly be?

any size you want , just place comment in special instructions field. Make sure size fit on print page ..

Can I have an image printed 4 inches x 4 inches ??

Yes , any size you want ... just type instructions in comments field otherwise will be printed full sheet ..

what size it the sheet? and does it print to the edge?

We offer every available sheet size on market however we don't recommend borderless printing ...

I received my print. It looks great! Should I refrigerate to store until I use it?

Do not refrigerate !! Just keep it in drawer on room temps . Print is good for 9 months...

Are these vegan?

Yes they are , and gluten free

How long will printed edible paper last? I'm going to need it for a cake I'm making in late may

9 months unopened with no refrigeration

How long will these edible prints hold in the refrigerator ? I have an occasion on January 6 2018 and was wondering on when I should order.

They don't need refrigeration , just keep them on room temps inside drawer ..it's 9 months shelf life

Hi I was wondering if it is possible to do a couple of photos on 1 sheet. What is the max I can do? Thanks

Max of 1 image uploads are allowed per sheet. However you can design on your own collage with many images on it and upload it as one image

Can the sizes be changed for example a 4 inch high pic about 6-7 inches wide ?

Yes it can , just insert your wanted sizes in special instructions box

If I buy this print now will it still be edible in a week from now as long as I keep it in the fridge?

refrigeration is not needed , shelf life is 9 months

Do you have an ingredient list for the edible material it's printed on?

Of course we do , all our products are made with FDA approved ingredients.Use contact us form to request full list.

How thick are your sheet Some sheets are so thin you cann't get the off without tearing ?

We print on best icing sheets in the world , Supreme Icing Sheets . Easy to peel off without tearing or breaking ...

Do you do 5x7?

You can just place comment in instructions to print 5x7 size

If I order today how quickly can I get my print in the mail? I live in NJ

You can choose shipping options at the checkout page

The cake will be 8" round. Is the 8" round the correct size to order?


How many circles are on the 2.5" sheet?
Can I order an 8x8 print?

Yes , you can order any size you want ... just specify exact dimensions in comment box

I am wanting to use edible fondant playing cards on a casino grooms cake. Most are not what I would want. They are either much smaller than normal cards or not different suits and cards. If I took a picture of the cards together as the ones I want and then pick the size sheet I want them printed on could you print that?

we can printing any picture you upload ..

can I get something printed a custom size (4" wide X 5" tall) ?

yes you can ... just specify size in order comments..

What size do i need to order for a 1/4 sheet cake . Also if I need a message like Happy 2nd Birthday XXXX to be printed on the image how do i specify the area and the font ?

standard size letter 8.5x11 is enough ...

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